Denlar Fire Protection is the originator of the fully integrated, pre-engineered fire suppression range hood system.  Our technology put the UL300A product category on the map.  

Stemming from our recognition of the need for a robust, solid, yet economical solution for combatting cooking fires in locations that do not necessarily warrant a complex and expensive commercial system, we began testing concepts in our state of the art fire suppression chamber.  In 2006, we launched the CV model hood and have continued to develop our product offerings ever since.  We work hard to meet standards expected by municipalities nation-wide while consistently producing a product we’re proud to put our name on. We have evolved our product line to better meet the needs of the market and continue to look for ways to expand our products footprint.

Our success began with the Bridgeport housing authority where our hoods were installed shortly after a kitchen fire turned tragic. Not long after installation began one of our hoods prevented another tragedy by putting out a fire that began on the range.   Here at DFP we look forward to continuing to provide fire protection and expanding our reach even further.